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KWIK Bearing Oil

KWIK Bearing Oil

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Complete with micro-needle for precision application, the Kwik Bearing Oil has been specially formulated to improve performance and prolong bearing life. The low viscosity lubricant coats the bearing surfaces to increase acceleration, enhance maximum speed, reduce friction and is compatible with most bearings.

Only a small drop of Kwik Bearing Oil is needed to revive dried out bearings, or as part of regular cleaning/maintenance.

In addition to providing superior lubrication, Kwik Bearing Oil also helps to maintain your bearings and extend their lifespan. Bearings are subjected to a lot of wear and tear from regular use, which can lead to dirt build-up and decreased performance. That's why it's important to include regular cleaning and maintenance as part of your skating routine.

To properly maintain your bearings, start by removing them from your skates and cleaning them thoroughly. You can use a bearing cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol to dissolve any dirt or grime. Once cleaned, dry the bearings completely before applying a drop of Kwik Bearing Oil to each bearing. The precision micro-needle applicator allows for easy and precise application, ensuring that the oil is distributed evenly across the bearing surfaces.

Regular maintenance with Kwik Bearing Oil will keep your bearings performing at their best and help to prevent wear and tear. By reducing friction and increasing acceleration and maximum speed, Kwik Bearing Oil helps you to skate with ease and precision. And with its low viscosity formula, Kwik Bearing Oil is compatible with most bearings, making it a versatile and effective choice for skaters of all levels.

Upgrade your bearings today with Kwik Bearing Oil and experience smoother, faster, and more efficient skating. Don't forget to include regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your bearings in top shape and extend their lifespan.

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