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Rio Roller

Rio Roller Lumina Quad Skate

Rio Roller Lumina Quad Skate

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Lumina, as the name would suggest, is a bright and colourful collection of skates which boasts our brand new and exclusive nylon trucks. The skates are perfect for entry level and also great for anyone looking for a comfortable skate to roll in!


General Specifications

Vegan friendly, semi-soft quad skate.
PVC leather construction with printed script with gradient and stitched Rio stripes.


Rio Roller PP hi-impact chassis


Rio Roller Nylon trucks
94A PU bushings


58mm x 33mm for skates up to size UK:5J EU:38 US:M6L7
62mm x 36mm for skates from size UK:6A EU:39.5 US:M7L8
PU cast 82A wheels
Rio’s exclusive design to prevent axles protruding and damaging flooring


ABEC-7 Bearings


PU stoppers with easily replaceable bolts


Black/Grey, Blue/Pink, Navy/Green, Red/Blue

UK Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Black/Grey: 13J - 8A
Blue/Pink: 13J - 8A
Navy/Green: 13J - 8A
Red/Blue: 2J

EU Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Black/Grey: 32 - 42
Blue/Pink: 32 - 42
Navy/Green: 32 - 42
Red/Blue: 34

US Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Black/Grey: M:1 - 9, L:1 - 10
Blue/Pink: M:1 - 9, L:1 - 10
Navy/Green: M:1 - 9, L:1 - 10
Red/Blue: M:3, L:4

Maximum Rider Weight


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