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Rio Roller

Rio Roller Script Quad Skates

Rio Roller Script Quad Skates

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Multi-coloured pastel shades cover a stunning figure style upper, all mounted on Rio’s exclusive chassis and trucks. As with all Rio Rollers, the Script skates are vegan friendly and come with Coaster wheels that perform superbly on all surfaces, indoors and outside! Elegant, comfortable and high quality!


General Specifications

Vegan friendly, figure style skate with PVC leather construction
High quality heel support and insoles


Nylon hi-impact chassis


Rio Roller Aluminium trucks with custom PU cast bushings


58mm x 33mm for skates up to size UK:5J EU:38 US:M6L7
62mm x 36mm for skates from size UK:6A EU:39.5 US:M7L8
PU cast 82A wheels
Rio’s exclusive design to prevent axles protruding and damaging flooring


ABEC 7 bearings


PU cast stopper with easily replaceable bolts


Peach/Green, Grey/Purple, Teal/Coral

UK Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Peach/Green: 3J - 9A
Grey/Purple: 3J - 8A
Teal/Coral: 3J - 9A

EU Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Peach/Green: 35.5 - 43
Grey/Purple: 35.5 - 43
Teal/Coral: 35.5 - 43

US Sizes

Fixed Sizes:
Peach/Green: M:4 - 10, L:5 - 11
Grey/Purple: M:4 - 9, L:5 - 10
Teal/Coral: M:4 - 9, L:5 - 10

Maximum Rider Weight


Test Standard

EN 13899:2003

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